’10 reasons why some Nigerian youths are lazy’ – APC Chieftain Joe Igbokwe writes

After President Buhari dropped a derogatory remark about Nigerian Youth being Lazy at the international Commonwealth conference.

APC Chieftain, Joe Igbokwe has written a piece to back up President Buhari’s derogatory statement of ‘Nigerian youths being lazy and waiting for oil money to be handed over to them’.

Here are 10 reasons Joe Igbokwe gave to back up President Buhari;


1. A research carried out at NNAMDI Azikiwe University Awka Anambra State found out that Students spend more time doing some funny things on the Internet than focusing on their books.

2. In the 90s I had some two Children of close family members in my house. They were about writing their WEAC Exams but I did see them for one day reading for the exams. When I confronted them they said ‘ Uncle do not worry we will pass’ They ‘passed’ and today they are ‘graduates’ but I know they are not.

3. Today in Nigeria if you want a good carpenter, Tiler or POP man you need to get the Togolese, Camerounians, Ghanaians to do the job.

4 I have met Mothers who are ready to give anything including their bodies for their Children to get admission into Universities and even to pass common entrance exams.

5 For years I have pleaded with some of the young people I know to go to learn a trade and even when I succeeded in getting them places to learn something they usually run away to go and continue to beg.

6 I have met many of our young people who said they went to university and when you engage them you will discover instantly that they are fake graduates who are not employable and yet they will tell you there are no jobs.

7 One of my brothers spent good money to get his wife who claimed to be a graduate a teaching appointment. He pushed and pushed until one day he was invited by the man who wants to help him. My brother was shocked to the marrows when the man told him that the woman should return to class one in Secondary School and that she knows nothing.

8 In the South East today hundreds of young men have been brutally killed in drug related offenses in South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia and other Countries. Some sell their Kidnies to raise money. Give these young men a job of 200k a month they will just laugh at you.

9 Today in NNEWI where I come from it is difficult for you to get a young boy to learn a trade for say 5,6,7 years before they are established. They prefer Okada business, yahoo yahoo, begging etc.

10 There are so many fake Proprietors of universities and Polytechnics in NIGERIA that are only interested in money and nothing else. They go to JAMB and bribe them to send these 10th rate poor students to them. They push and push them until they graduate and the vicious cycle continues. We have close to 200 Higher Institutions but how many of them are real higher institutions.

I am passionate about getting our Country to work again and that is the reason why I am challenging the young people of Nigeria. My father abused us for laziness and untoward behaviors to make us strong and dedicated. Our teachers in those days abused, flogged and and gave us pits to dig for failing to do our assignments. I know a father who went to pick his son in Navy school Abeokuta for holidays. When he got there and was told that the boy failed his exams the man turned his car and left for LAGOS without the boy. He did not return to pick that boy until after one week. It became a turning point in the life of that boy.


Dilly Motors Boss, Okwudili Umenyiora, Arrested For Trying To Murder Nigerian Singer Runtown

Famous record label boss and business owner, Okwudili Umenyiora, was reported arrested by the men of Nigerian Police force for attempting to take the life of Singer Runtown.

Mr Okwudili Umenyiora, a record label owner and the boss of Dilly Motors, has been arrested.
He was nabbed yesterday evening by the police from Force CID, Alagbon, at the gym and taken to the station.
According to LIB, the man was arrested for threatening the life of his former label artist, singer Runtown, with a gun. He has also been charged with attempted murder. He was taken to Alagbon where he wrote a statement.
More details later….

Buhari’s supporter hold massive rally in UK; endorse him for second term

Some Nigerian in UK came out in their number to endorse President Buhari who will be throwing is cap into the ring to contest for 2019 presidential election.

These Nigerians staged a rally in support of President Muhammadu Buhari and demanded that he continues the progressive change agenda of his government beyond 2019 at the Nigeria House in London, United Kingdom.

 supporter in uk endorse buhari for second tenure finalgistThe youths branded colourful banners to show their support for President Muhammadu Buhari whose popularity has drastically reduced back home as a result of the fragile local economy and widespread security issues.

According to unconfirmed report, each person was allegedly paid 150 pounds for just two hours to participate in the rally.

See photos below:

supporter in uk endorse buhari finalgist

supporters in uk endorse buhari for second tenure finalgist

supporters in uk endorse buhari


President Buhari and Wife, hosted to dinner by Queen Elizabeth II (Photos)

President Buhari and his wife, Aisha Buhari, were in attendance for the Queen’s Dinner during The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), at Buckingham Palace in London on April 19, 2018.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, accompanied by Britain’s Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, received Commonwealth Heads of Government and their spouses in the Blue Drawing Room, where the evening commenced with a drinks reception.

The dinner took place in the Picture Gallery where Her Majesty gave a speech.

Earlier, the President had told a gathering at the Commonwealth Business Forum had encouraged businessmen to invest in Nigeria, saying the country is safe to do business.

The president informed participants that Shell is preparing to invest another $20 billion in Nigeria.

“…This morning, I met with Shell staff. They came and broke the news to me that they were ready to invest about $20 billion in Nigeria. So, really, we are not doing badly,” he had said.

See more photos below ;

buhari-had-dinner-with-queen-elizabeth finalgist




Ibinabo Fiberesima–I am not a murderer, as the past tackles her political aspiration

The beauty queen and film-maker Ibinabo Fiberesima, has announced her intention to contest in the local government election in Rivers State, some Nigerians have begun to challenge and question her.

It convenient to say that the shadow of the past might come to hunt you in the future, therefore it was said of Ms. Ibinabo, as they have use the past to hunt her today, questions was constantly and particularly directed to the role she played in 2006 involving a road crash which took the life of medical doctor, Suraj Giwa.

Journalist and critic, Azuka Jebose, brought history back to life in a Facebook post in which he noted that it was immoral for Ms. Ibinabo Fiberesima to kick off a political career while she was yet to wash her hands clean of crime. Jebose told her that she owed Nigerians an apology.

He recalled how the accident occurred when the physician, alongside a brother of his (doctor), was going to visit  a family member. Ibinabo Fiberesima, who was alleged to have been drunk, had lost control of her SUV,  forcefully flipped; crashed across the median of the road, to face south.

“The impact of her speed went through the slab that divided the road. She collided with Dr. Giwa who was travelling south. The impact of the collision instantly killed him and seriously injured his younger brother. The impact attracted passers-by and residents who quickly gathered to offer rescue.

The vehicles began to steam smoke as Ms. Ibinabo slowly crawled out from the mangled driver side of her vehicle, then staggered to the passenger side, opened her glove compartment and removed her vehicle registration before she fled the scene.”

Despite the fact that a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, with Fiberesima having been found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to five years imprisonment, which she appealed now to the level of the Supreme Court, Jebose insisted that the actress’s aspiration was questionable.

He noted in particular that she had allegedly turned down the demand for an apology by the family of the deceased. He further stated,

“If we allow Ms. Fiberesima to run and win, we have endorsed her way to national political prominence. What would we tell the children of Dr. Giwa?  That it’s acceptable for their father to die in a horrible way and the killer become a celebrated politician?

The High Court found her guilty and sentenced her to five years jail in 2016. An appeal to the Supreme Court does not justify her freedom. She should be in jail while awaiting the Supreme Courts decision, not printing political posters to announce her candidacy, mocking us that she stands for justice, equity and service.”

While some commentators  still continued to join Jebose to battle the former beauty queen, the story gained a twist when he announced on the same platform that the woman had stated her own side of the case, passionately pleading that she was not guilty. He said,

“Ibinabo Fiberesima, in a tear- jerking explosive one-on-one this morning, tells all about the fatal accident, drunk driving and finding peace.

She was quoted as saying, “Azuka, I am very sorry Dr Suraj Giwa died in that accident. Please, Nigeria, forgive me. I am suffering. I have contemplated suicide several times. Azuka, I am not a killer. The accident was not intentional. I have gone into deep depression and didn’t care about living since it happened. I am not a murderer. And I was not drunk when the unfortunate accident happened…”