Algeria military plane crash: 257 people don die near Algiers

The defence minister for Algeria say na at least 257 people don die after one military plane crash inside northern Algeria.

Dis crash happen just afta the aircraft take off from Boufarik military airport near di capital Algiers in di morning. The aeroplane- Ilyushin Il-76 bin wan travel go Bechar wey dey south-west of the kontri.

According to the defence ministry, most of the people wey die na army personnel and their families. Ten crew members for the plane also die too.

Among the people wey die na 26 members for the Polisario Front, wey want Western Sahara to get independence from Morocco and Algeria support dem.

The plane crash just after e take-off from Boufarik military airport

Image copyrightSAID Image example the plane crash just after e take-off from Boufarik military airport

E neva still dey clear wetin cause the crash.

The army chief of staff don give order say make dem do investigation on top wetin cause the crash and im go visit the place wey the crash happen.

Dis na the worst plane crash wey don happen since July 2014, wen all the 298 pipo wey dey inside one Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 die after dem shoot am down around eastern Ukraine.

Dis na also di second-worst plane crash since 2003.

The Algerian news sites don even tweet foto wey show the military plane as e take scatter wen e crash:

Anglophone crisis: Give proof say army di commit atrocities- Spokesperson

Spokesperson for Cameroon army, Colonel Didier Badjeck don tok say make deh give proof for army excesses for Anglophone regions dem.

E tok dis wan afta weh Barrister Felix Nkongho Agbor Balla, human rights lawyer, weh na executive director for centre for human rights and democracy in Africa accuse army say deh di burn pipo and dia property.

Army spokesperson weh no gree answer BBC News Pidgin tell AFP before say, Cameroon get independence for 1960 and deh no welcome any lesson for how weh defence forces get for do dia work for protected population. We no wan respond for some kain intoxication and distraction, e add.

E bi amazing how some actors from de region di fake and transform truth, we di ask say make deh give we proof of army excesses, de spokesperson tok.

De human rights lawyer say military attack and burn plenty house for Mungo Ndor wan village for Koupe Manengouba.

Na for de process deh burn Egbe Maria Ndonge weh e bi di sleep for house and resident confam say deh burn churches.


On Tuesday, April 3, 2018 the Cameroonian military attacked and burned several homes in Mungo Ndor, a small village located about 40km away from Nguti in Koupé-Manengouba. Ms. Egbe Maria Ndonge, well known as Mami Maria was burned to death in her house, while she was asleep.

Residents of the village confirmed that local churches have been burned.

De lawyer say deh don receive report say military di killing civilians and di spoil dia property, and for yi, na war crime weh deh get for investigate proper.

As e condemn how army di kill pipo and spoil dia property for house, de lawyer say make ngomna give access for journalists and human rights organisations.


Indian actor Salman Khan don comot jail on bail

One Indian court don give Bollywood superstar Salman Khan bail two days after dem sentence am to five years for say im kill antelope wey no too common twenty years ago.

On Thursday, Khan collect the conviction for Jodhpur wey include a $154 fine.

The court rule say e bin kill the two blackbucks, type of antelope wey dey protected under law, when im dey act film for 1998.

Im lawyers try scata the testing of the animals and weda the witnesses dey reliable.

Plenty people bin dey outside dey watch the case even as two group bin dey protest ontop the mata, one group bin want make dem give am bail and the second group bin want make dem add for im punishment.


Sierra Leone elections: Julius Bio don enta office as president

Julius Maada Bio don enta office as new presido for Sierra Leone, afta dem declare am wina of the presidential run-off election.

Sierra Leone election photo

Bio, wey be former military leader more than 20 years ago, win 51.81 percent of the votes for last month election, according to official results. But im opponent say im go contest the result.

Im defeat pesin wey bin sidon for the chair, Samura Kamara, wey get 48.19 percent of the vote.

Dis one go end Kamara All Peoples’ Congress (APC) rule for the West Africa kontri.

As dem announce the election result, the kontri top judge sharpaly swear am in as presido as thousands of Bio supporters wey gada for the capital Freetown on Wednesday evening, begin jollificate.

Kamara wey lose, say im dey reject the results and say make im supporters remain calm.

“We no gree with the results and we go take legal action to correct dem,” im talk for television.

Im say the results no resemble wetin the party claim about magomago for the election.


Alleged looters list: ‘Na direct reply to PDP challenge’ – Lai Mohammed

Nigeria information minister say the reason why gofment release list of people wey dem accuse say dem kolobi the countri money na because opposition party dare dem.

Plenti Nigerian still dey put mouth on top the list and many dey wonder why gofment do dat kind tin.

Alhaji Mohammed say na People’s Democratic Party (PDP) challenge dem say make dem show the names of the pipo wey gofment bin dey shout since say dem dey corrupt.

E say the people wey dey shout for public on top the list dey shout because dem no know why di list show.
“Dis na direct reply to the challenge wey PDP give gofment to release names, if we get any poof to show weda anybodi from the last administration chop the coountri money and now we don give dem the proof.”
ay the list dey come batch by batch because investigation neva finish so dem no wan spoil the name of pesin wey dey innocent.

“We wan make sure say whoever dem accuse say take the countri money really get case to answer.”

Alhaji Mohammed say no be gofment work to judge anybodi, na court go do dat one.

E say dem go continue to investigate the people wey dem suspect say dem chop money and send the name to Attorney-General office to carry the mata go court.