How People Traveled To Onitsha Before The Construction Of The Niger Bridge

The medium in which Nigerians traveled to Onitsha from Asaba before the construction of the Niger Bridge was closely examined.

One of the most popular bridges in Nigeria is the Niger Bridge which is more popularly referred to as the Onitsha Bridge.
The Niger Bridge is considered to be of Nigeria’s most economically crucial bridges. It was constructed between 1964 and 1965, and commissioned in December 1965.
The Bridge links the South-Western and the South-Southern region of the country to the South-East. This is because one end leads to Asaba, Delta State and the other to Onitsha, Anambra state. People traveling to Asaba from Onitsha will travel on the bridge and vice versa.
Now, have you ever wondered how people journeyed between Asaba and Onitsha prior to the construction of the famous Onitsha Bridge in 1966? How were people traveling to the East?
Well, in the early 1960s, people traveling across the river Niger to the eastern part of Nigeria achieved their aim through the aid of river ferries of various sizes.
Below are photographs of showing travelers at the jetties and landing points at Asaba end of the river in 1961.
asaba to onitsha finalgist

A view taken just off the Niger River banks looking backward along the eastern front of 1960s Asaba, photographed from aboard a Ferry headed southeastward toward Onitsha.

asaba to onitsha finalgist

Asaba-Onitsha- Ferry Crossing (1959)

asaba to onitsha finalgist

The Asaba riverbank and ferry in 1960.

asaba to onishta finalgist

A private enterprise river ferry stopped at the main Asaba passenger-landing dock in 1966. Photo Credit: Laurens Dawes

asaba ferry finalgist

Asaba Ferry Landing (March 1961)


Wetin e mean? Child abuse mean when you dey use things like wood, cutlass, iron etc, take bit pikin and you dey punish the  pikin  well well like you no dey give am food, you go lock the pikin for inside cage, tie am join tree or tie im hand and leg together like animal, or when you no dey take care of the pikin all this one na part of child abuse.

Abuse fit be emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual.

Emotional abuse this na when people dey always dey reject the pikin, dem dey always dey judge the pikin if e do anything. E go dey mek the pikin feel sey e dey useless for life. This one dey affect the pikin mind well well and the way e go dey live and behave too. This na child abuse.


Physical abuse, when you dey handle pikin like sey e be animal and you  dey use stick, iron, and even use blow and kick take dey bit pikin like sey you dey fight your mate. When you lock pikin for inside cage, tie e hand and leg together, you dey always  lock am for inside house without you no give am food, you dey give am work wey big pass am and if e no fit do am you go bit am well well and you go dey give am market to go sell when e mate dey for school or you no gree put am for school, whether you by dey do am ooh!, or you do am because sey you think sey you dey discipline the child, this na wickedness and na child abuse.

But bible talk for proverb 23:13,14; sey “mek we no fail to correct our pikin: if you bit am with cane e no go die. If you bit your pikin  with cane, you dey  help am mek e for no go hell”. That one no mean sey we go dey treat our pikin any how ooh!.

man sexually abusing a child finalgist photo

Sexual abuse:

This na when big person go dey use small pikin take hold body. This na child abuse.

Spiritual abuse this na when our papa and mama go dey always curse their pikin. The curse fit no happen quick quick, but  later for front the curse fit meet the pikin.

Some of our papa and mama dey use vexination and force take bit their pikin, this no good and no be so we suppose handle our pikin.

Child abuse fit affect our pikin well well, this na how e fit take affect dem.  When   pikin don  face physical and emotional abuse the injury go still dey with dem and the thing go always dey for their mind. Pikin wey dey always  suffer abuse or don suffer abuse  before e dey always feel lonely, fear dey always catch am, e dey always feel sey e dey useless and e no dey feel love at all, this na the opposite of how pikin suppose feel. pikin wey don face abuse before dey always dey heart broken, with mental problem even if the abuse injury don comot.

The things wey follow child abuse na, e dey hard for the pikin to dey sleep, e go always dey get problem for school, fear go dey always catch am, e no go get respect for imself na  im be low self esteem, e no dey always happy na  im be depression.

man sexually abusing a child finalgist

Advice to our papa and mama against Child Abuse

Pikin   dey always  dey happy when dem know sey their papa and mama love dem, care for dem and dey draw dem near body. E good mek our papa and mama know the things wey their pikin fit and no fit do. No dey use problem for work take dey punish your pikin when you dey reach house or if  person mek you vex  you go dey put am for your pikin body.  Repsect your pikin and mek you always treat dem well. If we want correct our pikin mek we do am with love.  This go mek your pikin happy and feel love.

Shatter The Silence: Consequence, Risks and Dangers of Molestation

Every single child is a reward and a blessing. Whether they bring joy and pride to their parents or they teach how to forgive and be patient. We smile to them with assurance that the world is not a wicked place, whereas, it is. Some children has suffered from molestation, while a good number of children are still suffering from molestation today.

What is Molestation:

It is a physical or sexual abuse a child occasionally encounter.

plight of molestation finalgist photo

There are so many violent acts in the world, and child molestation is one of them. The way these paedophiles do with children as they please is sickening. It has come to the point where some parents defile their children also. Not everybody believe it, they find it illogical for a father to have a sexual relationship with his daughter or for a mother to do the same with her son.

The rate of molested children in Nigeria cannot be known for sure, this is because not every victim opens up about being molested. News of the male child being molested is (rare). The victims are afraid, they feel no one will believe them.

Paedophiles target naive and weak children. They have no conscience; they need to satisfy their sexual desires on children because they are mentally deranged set of people. Parents hardly leave their children with a close friend or a relative because, child molestation sometimes happen with people they are familiar with making it more difficult for the child to tell them.

There are sharp and bold children, who are very active and tell their parents everything while there are introverted ones that even a change in behaviour because of what they are going through, would not be noticed by their parents or anybody else.

 However, when paedophiles think they have done a job well-done, they leave the child in agony of what had happen. Some children die in the unruly act and are tagged to be missing. Not everyone has sweet dreams with flying cars and butterflies, some have nightmares while others live in a nightmare.

Effects of Molestation:

People who had been defiled when they were young often lived their lives difficultly, which also make them suffer from inferiority complex. Trust was not something they would consider, they become afraid of their own shadow, conscious of their environment and being alone with the opposite sex was out of question.

plight of molestation finalgist photo

These traits can also exist in non-victims of child molestation, which is why it is difficult to know someone who has been defiled at a young age. Not all victims of child molestation made it, either they committed suicide, stuck with drugs or made bad decisions in life. Some managed to live through the trauma but it would not have been a bread-and-butter task.

Furthermore, not all parents are ignorant and there happen to be eyes everywhere. Once a paedophile gets caught in the act, he either gets treated with justice or with violence. Medical attention is brought to the victim and then therapy sessions for the traumatic event that had occurred would take place. These does not just happen in movies we watch or novels we read, child molestation is real.

plight of molestation finalgist photo

No one can imagine the pain these children go through. It is such a dreadful thing to imagine and yet some children remain silent, they remain silent till they want to be heard or perhaps take it to the grave. The worst of all is when it was done by a parent, seeing him or her as the day goes by with the pretence smile and fake promises.

One would wonder what went wrong, was it the fact that his or her spouse was not satisfying their sexual needs that they had to go for the children? Or was it just an act of hatred on the child? It seems unbelievable but it is true and something needs to be done.

How To Handle Molestation:

plight of molestation finalgist

Nevertheless, we live in an age were technology is involved in our everyday life, being and looking smart is the real deal. Children have to be enlightened of these monsters in the form of men. They need to know when to scream for help, stay away from strangers and also tell their parents about that uncle or aunty that speaks with sugar-coated tongues. Parents should avoid being ignorant of their children’s whereabouts and always keep a close watch on them.

There are different foundations that take care of sexually abused children but, what about the ones dying on the inside?, how do they get saved?. It is a quite simple thing to do; awareness of child molestation should be made and assurance that nothing will be done to them if they told someone.

Therefore, that is the logical thing to do but then again, the way things are done in the USA is not the same way things are done in Nigeria or the way things are done in Lagos state is not the same way things are done in Delta state.

Imagine a situation where a child tells her parents a man sexually abused her, her parents told the police and the man got arrested. Few minutes later, the child is taken to the hospital and the man is released despite the results from the hospital showing there were signs of intercourse. Why was he released? It is part of the Nigerian constitution that child abuse is a criminal offence.

Could money have something to do with it? Statements like “it is a good thing your child is alive, he will apologise and we assure you that this will not happen again”. The whole situation is just absurd; what kind of parents will let that slide? The type that has no money to place a sue or the type that is ignorant?. Then, what was the point of speaking?

Finally, domestic violence, slavery, human trafficking or political violence should not be the only thing we voiced out. Victims of molestation need to know that there are people ready to listen, ready to fight for them, ready to save them and ready to assure them that paedophiles would be jailed for their wrong doings. They need to know that there’s a light at the end of the dark tunnel. Surely, these paedophiles would get paid in their own coin.


Inferiority complex is a feeling of being inferior or the state of always being in a competitive disadvantage. Imagine a world where everyone looked the same, talked the same, treated the same or graded the same way. There would be no balance in creation, nothing would be interesting and everything would always be the same.

 Dangers Of Inferiority Complex                      

There are people who regret being born despite the fact that they were not the ones that went through labour pain, this is an act of inferiority. They look in the mirror and wonder why they are not as hot as Nancy Drew or David Beckham. Comparing their body shapes with that of their friends will become a norm, they would skip school because they cannot afford seeing their classmate with the big hips or big muscles. This will lead to dieting and work-outs which results in weight loss and loss of appetite.

dealing with inferiority complex finalgist photo

What they forget is that, not all body types can undergo a work-out of hundred squats or 50 weight lifts a day. Their body cannot take the stress anymore, so they become sick and isolated. Every human being was not created to be the same. Whether they are tall, short, fat, or slim, each of them has their own uniqueness. If one needs to know how special being different is, one would not compare body shapes with another. Inferiority complex makes one to act in a weird way. According to research, many people who are suffering from inferiority complex had ones suffered child abuse.

However, the phrase “cut your coat according to your cloth” is known by every Tom, Dick and Harry. Social media has played its role in displaying extravagant things to people both in the high and low class. Some people who have just enough in their home would come to the conclusion that they have nothing. They would begin to imagine what life would be like if they were living the luxurious life. This often make people depress and put them in inferiority state.

Everyone wants to live the good life but then again, one has to be contended with what one has and work to get what one desires. Nothing good comes easy. It is advisable not to sit behind the phone or laptop screen, surfing and stalking people’s lives then feeling life is not fair. Indeed, life is not fair but there is a hundred per cent certainty that the life that is being degraded will be better than that life being adorned daily.

Taking pictures would be the least thing to be done because the surrounding or the house is not pleasing so going to a friend’s house becomes preferable. It is fool hardy for one to think that that way of living would last forever. It is okay to be comfortable being uncomfortable because in that state, one would be prepared to handle whatever situation that comes along. Inferiority complex has pushed many people to the wall just because they want to keep up with the joneses of others.

On the other hand, not everyone is academically sound. Not being fit for the spelling bee competition or Olympiad or theatre arts competition does not make one a dullard. Some people are easily discouraged by their academic performance and feel they are not worthy to be called a student. They let the thought get to them and hence, no progress is made and things become worse than before. People with inferiority complex need to understand that everyone is gifted in their own way, either with the voice of an angel, the brain of a genius, the moves of a dancer or the touch of an artist. Going through school and getting or trying to get good grades is a necessity but the choices in life are self-made and it is better a good one is made.

dealing with inferiority complex finalgist photo

Besides, what good will come out of being insatiable? We can look up to people that are successful as our mentors and strive to be better than them. Forty out of a hundred per cent of people suffering from inferiority complex find it difficult to get rid of it. They are so use to it that it becomes their lifestyle. They feel they are not open to correction and they know what is right for them. People with inferiority complex have to deal with the fact that nobody is perfect. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

How To Deal With Inferiority Complex

Inferiority complex makes someone not to have self confidence on oneself, therefore you must build your self  confidence and change your mindset toward your view of how life works. Some way to achieve this is to constantly invest your time in reading books and listen to tapes and getting materials that will help deal with the problem of inferiority.